Hydrology Short Courses

Level IV

River Restoration and Natural Channel Design
River Restoration and Natural Channel Design

Natural channel design principles are utilized in this “hands-on” course that provides training in river restoration, stabilization, and aquatic habitat enhancement. The complexities involved in natural channel processes require detailed study and a working knowledge of the principles applied in river design; thus the three prerequisite courses help prepare the participants for this advanced river design course. The course includes the following:

  • Understanding the nature and cause of instability and poor habitat
  • Collecting and analyzing field data
  • Completing a river restoration design by integrating physical, ecological, and aesthetic objectives
  • Channel capacity and sediment transport calculations
  • Aquatic habitat improvement designs
  • Streambank stabilization techniques
  • Stream diversion structure design
  • Riparian area improvement and function
  • Design layout
  • Field supervision, construction methods, equipment selection, contracting procedures, and permit applications
  • Effectiveness monitoring
  • Other related subjects integrated into the river designs

Procedural guidelines and methods are provided to assist in river designs utilizing the natural channel design approach. Participants will evaluate existing and proposed restoration projects and will observe the on-site implementation of a natural channel design.




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