Hydrology Short Courses

Level III

River Assessment and Monitoring
River Assessment and Monitoring

The River Assessment & Monitoring course includes “hands-on” techniques for field measurements, data analysis and interpretations, and the use of replicate studies for verification and time-trend analysis. This course trains individuals in field data collection methods and analysis techniques to predict and measure the following:

  • Stream channel stability
  • Streambank erosion using the BANCS Model (BEHI/NBS)
  • Sediment competence/entrainment
  • Total annual sediment yield and transport capacity using the FLOWSED and POWERSED models
  • Overall sediment supply ratings related to specific sources, processes, and locations

The course also includes:

  • Monitoring and validation methods to improve prediction models and to better understand river processes and response
  • Potential versus existing stream conditions
  • The influence of riparian vegetation on channel stability
  • Collection and analysis of bedload and suspended sediment
  • Integrating ecosystem concepts into field applications

The instruction utilizes the books Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply (WARSSS) (Rosgen, 2006) and the River Stability Field Guide (Rosgen, 2008).




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