Hydrology Short Courses

Level II

Applied Fluvial Geomorphology
Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

The River Morphology & Applications course trains students to conduct a geomorphic characterization and delineate stream types using the stream classification method as published in Applied River Morphology (Rosgen, 1996). A combination of lecture and field sessions provides practical experience in the following subjects and activities:

  • Integrating fluvial geomorphology concepts with problem-solving techniques
  • Learning and mapping fluvial landscapes and valley types
  • Pre-mapping landscapes and stream types on aerial photos and topographic maps
  • Field validation of the bankfull stage at a USGS gage station
  • Regional curve development
  • Field methods to properly measure morphological variables and develop dimensionless ratios for assessment and design
  • Stream succession and the central tendency of rivers
  • Reference reach selection and applications
  • Management applications using stream types






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