Hydrology Short Courses

Level I

Basic Survey Skills
Basic Survey SkillsRiver Restoration and Natural Channel Design

The Applied Fluvial Geomorphology course combines lecture and field applications to familiarize students with the fundamentals of river behavior and the general principles of fluvial geomorphology. Applications of these principles are presented using a stream classification system. Specific topics include:

  • Geomorphology and the Role of the River
  • Stream Classification and Landscape Types
  • Bankfull Determination and Validation at Gage Stations
  • Development of Regional Curves at Gage Station
  • Prediction and Validation of Hydrologic Characteristics
  • Sedimentation and the Erosional and Depositional Processes
  • Streambank Erosion
  • Stream Succession
  • Stream Restoration and Natural Channel Design Principles
  • Geomorphic Approach to the Restoration of Incised Rivers
  • Fisheries and Integration of Ecosystem Concepts in River Systems
  • Cumulative Watershed Effects and Management implications

Field sessions include a field exercise where students will classify a stream; students will also travel to a streamgage station for the purposes of calibrating bankfull discharge, developing regional curves, and validating hydraulic relationships. The class will also observe a range of problems impacting stream systems and a variety of river restoration and enhancement projects. This basic river morphology course has been offered since 1986 and utilizes the Applied Fluvial Geomorphology book (Rosgen, 1996).




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