Hydrology Short Courses

Class Three ForksThe training courses are presented through lectures and on-the-ground field experience for professionals working with rivers and their watersheds. The overall intent is to develop a unique expertise through shared data, applied methodologies, and project experiences to help meet the current challenges facing today’s scientists. The course offerings allow individuals to progress through a range of interrelated courses beginning with the fundamentals in Basic Survey Skills and Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (Level I) and continuing through the more complex River Restoration & Natural Channel Design (Level IV).

Course Participants – The short courses are designed for hydrologists, engineers, fisheries biologists, range management specialists, water resource planners, and other specialists involved in water resource management and research, aquatic habitat assessment and improvement, river and water quality determination, cumulative impact assessment, TMDL’s, evaluation of riparian ecosystems, and watershed analysis. Individuals working with urban, agricultural, and wildland watersheds also attend these courses.

Course Locations – The courses are held at various locations; travel, lodging, and conference center information will be sent to registered students.

2020 Short Course Schedule – Wildland Hydrology is pleased to announce the availability of short courses for 2020. The course fees include tuition and materials (no meals or lodging). Please note that all classes require general knowledge of surveying; if you have no field experience, we recommend the Basic Survey Skills course.

Basic Survey Skills

Basic Survey Skills

  • Fee: $500 (1.5 Day Course)
  • Instructor: Brandon Rosgen
  • Prerequisite: None

The Basic Survey Skills course familiarizes students with the fundamentals of surveying, which are required as a prerequisite for the Level I. Applied Fluvial Geomorphology course.

Select Date/Location:

  • selectedMay 30-31, 2020, Seeley Lake (Blackfoot Valley), MT

Basic Survey Skills

Level IApplied Fluvial Geomorphology

  • Fee: $1,700 (5 Day Course)
  • Instructor: Dave Rosgen
  • Prerequisite: Basic Survey Skills or Field Experience with Survey Techniques

The Applied Fluvial Geomorphology course combines lecture and field applications to familiarize students with the fundamentals of river behavior and the general principles of fluvial geomorphology. Applications of these principles are presented using a stream classification system.

Available Options:

Select Date/Location:

  • selectedJune 1-5, 2020, Seeley Lake, MT
  • selectedNovember 9-13, 2020, Resource Institute, Asheville, NC
  • selectedAugust 31 - September 4, 2020, Pinedale, WY

Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

Level IIRiver Morphology and Applications

  • Fee: $1,800 (5 Day Course)
  • Instructor: Dave Rosgen
  • Prerequisite: Level I. Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (AFG)

The River Morphology & Applications course trains students to conduct a geomorphic characterization and delineate stream types using the stream classification method as published in Applied River Morphology (Rosgen, 1996)

Select Date/Location:

  • selectedJuly 6 - 10, 2020, Bend, OR

River Assessment and Monitoring

Level IIIRiver Assessment and Monitoring

  • Fee: $2,900 (10 Day Course)
  • Instructor: Dave Rosgen
  • Prerequisite: Level I. Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (AFG) and Level II. River Morphology & Applications (RMA)

The River Assessment & Monitoring course includes "hands-on" techniques for field measurements, data analysis and interpretations, and the use of replicate studies for verification and time-trend analysis.

Select Date/Location:

  • selectedJuly 20 - 30, 2020, Alta, WY

River Restoration and Natural Channel Design

Level IVRiver Restoration and Natural Channel Design

  • Fee: $2,900 (10 Day Course)
  • Instructor: Dave Rosgen
  • Prerequisite: Level I. Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (AFG), Level II. River Morphology & Applications (RMA), and Level III. River Assessment & Monitoring (RAM)

Natural channel design principles are utilized in this "hands-on" course that provides training in river restoration, stabilization, and aquatic habitat enhancement. The complexities involved in natural channel processes require detailed study and a working knowledge of the principles applied in river design; thus the three prerequisite courses help prepare the participants for this advanced river design course.

Select Date/Location:

  • selectedAugust 10-20, 2020, Steamboat Springs, CO




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