Applied River Morphology

Illustrator: Hilton Lee Silvey

Foreword by Luna B. Leopold

This book is a generous and detailed explanation of the classification system and how it might be used to incorporate the observed processes of river mechanics into restoration designs that enhance the beauty and health of channels.”

- Luna B. Leopold

Second Edition

378 pages, 770 color images

Applied River Morphology, written in 1996, is a guide for the classification, assessment, and monitoring of rivers and the applications for water resource management.

Chapter Titles Include:

  • New Challenges
  • Fundamental Principles of River Systems
  • Stream Classification
  • Geomorphic Characterization
  • Morphological Description
  • Assessment of Stream Condition and Departures from its Potential
  • Field Data Verification
  • Applications

For Use In:

  • Watershed Management Applications
  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Cumulative Effects Analysis
  • Fish Habitat Evaluation
  • Non-Point Source Water Quality
  • River Restoration and Natural Channel Design
  • Communication of River Systems

Presentation of Techniques Include:

  • Fundamental Principles of River Behavior
  • A Hierarchical Stream Inventory
  • A Classification of Natural Rivers with Illustrations, Data Summaries, and Photographs depicting Major Stream Types



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